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  Public and Community Service

David Olsen has served these organizations and initiatives:

American Heritage Rivers Initiative Advisory Committee.  Appointed by President Clinton to evaluate river-basin ecological, economic development and cultural programs and recommend rivers for Heritage status. 1998.

Apparel Industry Partnership  to Establish Global Labor Standards. Industry-union-human rights NGO working group appointed by U. S. Secretary of Labor Reich to define global labor standards for US companies operating internationally (predecessor to the Fair Labor Association). 1996-99.


Aspen  Institute Environmental Policy Forum. Drafted environmental policy agenda for the next U.S. President. Summer 2000.


California Climate Action Registry. Wrote legislation and organized business-NGO-state agency support to create the first state-level greenhouse gas emissions registry and monitoring program. 2000-2001.

California Commission on Industrial Innovation, 1982.  White House Commission on Industrial Innovation, 1979.

Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies (CEERT).  Coalition of NGOs, power and energy service compa­nies working to reduce impacts of the energy sector and establish new technologies. Director, 1991-present; chair, 1994-96. 


CEO Coalition to Advance Sustainable Technology. Organization of CEOs developing policies to improve energy and resource efficiency. 1998-present; president, 1999-2001.


Pacific Council on International Policy, Los Angeles; western affiliate of the Council on Foreign Relations.  Member, 1998-present.   Institute of the Americas, San Diego;  International Council, 1993-95.


Public Pension Investment Project, City of San Francisco.  Founder and Treasurer. With Mayor's Fiscal Advisory Committee and unions, recom­mended management changes that improved the $1.4 billion Fund's per­formance and addressed social investment issues. 1981-83.


San Francisco Labor-Management Work Improvement Project. Under mayors Moscone and Feinstein, developed union and city department manager support for work-group productivity improvement effort involving 12,000 city workers. Founder and Project Director, 1978-84. 

Shalan Foundation, San Francisco.  President and Director of environmental grantmaking foundation, 1978-81.

Wirth Chair in Environmental and Community Development, University of Colorado. As Senior Fellow, spoke widely on sustainability and climate change issues, and organized the Colorado Energy Partnership to support companies and cities to monitor and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency. 2000-2004.

    David B. Olsen
Ventura, CA  93001